Unit 11: Emergent Media

mediaEmergent Media was a completely new experience for me. Having never taken an online course, or a Mass Communications course, it was all very unfamiliar.

I loved the content of the course. I often hear about media and its effects, but never in such detail. It was astonishing to learn of just how influential and prominent the media is in our lives. One of my favorite assignments was monitoring my media usage. It truly put into perspective how extensive my media habits are. Moving forward, I will definitely be more aware of my time and how it is spent on social media.

I found the book to be extremely helpful, as all of the information was rooted in the text. My favorite chapter was Chapter 19: Media Influence on Sports. As someone who loves football (Go Giants!), I was shocked when reading about the financial aspect of sports and the media. I can’t even wrap my head around that much money.

I enjoyed the online nature of the class more than I had anticipated. I wasn’t sure how well I would learn when the human interaction was lacking. However, the transition was quite easy. I liked the Friday deadline, being able to complete my work at any point throughout the week. For this class in particular, I think an online experience was perfect. I was learning about media all the while utilizing the media to complete the course. Although I understand the time constraint, I was slightly overwhelmed at times. Working during the day, and some nights, didn’t leave much time to complete the week’s assignments.

Surprisingly, I have enjoyed blogging. I am not one to express my thoughts or share much information on any forum, so this was different for me! I would like to keep up with this blog for my own personal and professional purposes.

Photo: http://www.hollinhills.net/hollin-hills-in-the-media/



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